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Copyright Licence - Law firms

A law firm is a knowledge business with specialist information needs. The LegalAccess copyright licence has been developed in conjunction with the Law Society NSW to meet the needs of law firms and barristers chambers including:

  • Digital rights to download, copy and share news content, journal articles, textbook material, loose leaf etc.
  • Hardcopy rights to photocopy and fax
  • Inclusion of extracts and other material in reports and emails
  • Digital storage of articles and other material
  • Copying of surveyors plans

Law firms & a copyright compliance gap
Many law firms, may be carrying a copyright infringement risk if relying on exceptions in the Copyright Act for copyright compliance across the practice. Exceptions for providing client advice and preparing for court proceedings are narrow, with client advice subject to a fair dealing test. Library exceptions are also for specific purposes, have limits and require record keeping of each copy request. Click here for more detail.

SWAAB Attorneys case study
The successful mid tier Sydney firm SWAAB Attorneys adopted a copyright licence as part of a progressive compliance initiative. They turned the expert counsel usually given to clients, inward, and evaluated their own compliance needs against the Copyright Act 1968. Click here for SWAAB Attorneys case study.

Law Society Partnership
Copyright Agency has partnered with the Law Society of New South Wales and similar bodies in other states and territories to offer a new LegalAccess licence specifically designed for law firms. The partnership aims to work with law firms to minimise the copyright infringement risk in law firms’ daily work activities. The campaign involves three components: copyright education and awareness, copyright enforcement and compliance through copyright licensing.

Legal Access Brochure PDF | 550kB
SWAAB Case Study PDF | 652kB


Is your Organisation Infringing Copyright? PDF | 111kB
Introduction to Copyright Law in Australia PDF | 72kB


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