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CopyrightAccess Licence – Biotechnology Company

Running a Biotechnology company is a multi-faceted task and information needs of Biotech companies differ across a range of scenarios. A common need is the copying and sharing of Copyright content.

  • General office sharing & reporting: medical articles, journal articles, clinical papers, third party research, abstract, textbook material, tables, graphs, images, extract and copies in reports.
  • External rights: email a single digital copy to health professionals in response to a legitimate request for medical information in relation to the medical, therapeutic or technical use and support of any of the Customer’s products.
  • News & magazine articles: community, regional & national, internal sharing or external.
  • Training: textbook content, standards, eLearning
  • Shareholders, business partners or member engagement: newsletters, extracts, images, photos, graphs etc.

Australian Biotechnology

Copyright Agency has partnered with AusBiotech to promote Copyright compliance among AusBiotech members.

Business Case: Copyright Licence Solution
For all the above scenarios, a copyright licence is required if permission from each copyright owner is not obtained. Adopting a copyright licence is a cost effective solution for complying with copyright law. It provides;

  • Coverage – instant validation for what staff and systems are already doing with content.
  • Communication – allows integration of much more 3rd party content, legitimately.
  • Reputation – enhance governance and social responsibility profile.

Biotechnology Brochure PDF | 532kB


Is your Organisation Infringing Copyright? PDF | 111kB
Introduction to Copyright Law in Australia PDF | 72kB


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