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RightsPortal Journals

RightsPortal Journals offers users the ability to conveniently clear the rights to top-tier academic journal content from multiple world class publishers. This easy-to-use system brings users and creators of published material together by offering a convenient online process for efficiently identifying, purchasing and licensing the rights to reuse journal content.

The Copyright Agency has partnered with three major journal publishers, Elsevier, Wolters Kluwer Health and Wiley, for the rights to reuse over 20 million scientific, technical and medical journal (STM) articles from world class titles such as The Lancet, Spine and Reviews of Geophysics.

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1. Instant automated rights transaction: online ecommerce transactional capability to identify, select and purchase rights requests immediately.
2. Efficient inquiry workflow management tool: rights clearance requests that require publisher input for fulfilment is handled by an efficient online workflow management system which notifies users instantly via email when complete.
3. User friendly: Straight forward easy to use interface and functionality with shopping cart and user account functionality.
4. Australian & New Zealand support:
-    Pricing in $AUD to efficiently service the local market.
-    Customer service back-up for transaction support, enquiries and manual fulfilment.


From over 20 million STM journal articles, users can secure a pay-per-use licence for the right to reuse the following:

  • A full article
  • Part of an article
  • A figure/table/graph


A variety of reuse options are available on the RightsPortal to cater for commercial, not for profit and academic organisations. RightsPortal Journals offers a simple and straight forward process to licence the right reuse options which will enable users to share valued STM journal content.

Common reuse options which will be available on the RightsPortal include:

  • Email
  • Photocopy
  • Use in conference proceedings
  • Use in presentation/display/training

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