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Newspaper campaign - copyright compliance

Newspaper & magazine publishers have partnered with the Copyright Agency and the Newspaper Works to tackle the low awareness for copyright compliance in the business sector, and the resulting high prevalence of copyright infringement in staff workflow.

The partnership launched a national advertising campaign across major newspapers in early September 2013. The suite of five different ads sport a common look and feel with a tag-line ‘It’s easy to infringe, easier to be licensed’ and target decision makers in business with a hard-line message to cut through the malaise on copyright compliance.

The ad campaign begun in the print editions of the Age, SMH, Canberra Times and The Australian, and extends to the Australian Financial Review and other newspapers. Also in planning are versions of the ads to appear in online and iPad editions and a media campaign to make some noise about the initiative.

This is a pan-industry initiative with support from the journalists, photographers & cartoonists union the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA). Newspapers have committed over a $1million of ad space for free and the industry association ‘The Newspaper Works’ also contributed with development budget and project resources.

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Copyright is law – if your staff break it you could be liable PDF | 357kB
Copyright Myths PDF | 347kB
Your own staff could report you for copyright infringement PDF | 301kB


Is your Organisation Infringing Copyright? PDF | 111kB
Introduction to Copyright Law in Australia PDF | 72kB


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